• Stage 1

  • Stage 2

    Paper sift process

    This is where we review the application form based on experience and quality of your submitted information

  • Stage 3

    Telephone Interview

    This is a first chance to see how potential candidates show their experience and aptitude and for the candidates to see if our company fits you.

  • Stage 4

    Review of Telephone Interviews

    This is where the recruitment team consult on the quality of the telephone interviews and start the next phase.

  • Stage 5

    Face to face interviews

    If you have been successful in the telephone interview, you will be invited for a sit down interview at a mutually agreed location.

  • Stage 6

    Final Evaluation Process

    We will evaluate the candidates and send out an initial offer email or letter requesting references and DBS certs if relevent

  • Final Stage

    Offer of employment

    Once the contract has been agreed and both parties are happy…You are now ready to work for the best Domiciliary care company in Essex !