How to do well in a telephone interview

How to do well in a telephone interview

Part of Lion Care’s selection process during the COVID-19 lockdown has been the intervention of telephone interviews rather than face to face for the intial stages. A lot can be found out from this method such as how people react to pressure and how they respond to different scenarios, this helps us to see where the strength and weaknesses are. Here is a brief guideline for how to do well in telephone interviews so that we get the best out of you and eually as important, are we the right fit for you?


We will always give at least 24 hours notice or more for a telephone interview with one of our recruitment team. So preparation is key so that you get the best out of your 30 minute initial interview.

  • Do your homework; Make sure you know all about the position you are applying for and be aware of everything required for the role and ensure you have the relevent experience so you are not wasting your time.
  • Prepare for the interview start time, go to the toilet and have a drink of water with you so that you have some creature comforts with you.
  • Have some questions ready so that you get the most out of the interview.
  • Have your CV to hand so that your conversation flows with your past experience.
  • Try and use a landline as mobile telephony can still break up on occasion.

Above all, enjoy the experience and treat it as a conversation. Good luck !